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Ants are social insects that live in colonies with thousands of members. Ants can be valuable in ecosystems, but there are many different varieties of ants that can become pests, for example:

  • carpenter ants (some, the winged ones, can look a lot like termites)

  • pavement ants

  • fire ants

  • black argentine ants

  • house ants


Varieties of ants differ in the problems they can cause:

  • some eat wood and do damage to homes and other buildings,

  • some bite are irritating,

  • some have stings can be very painful (especially fire ants) and in some cases cause serious health reactions

  • some seek sweets and thus invade kitchens

  • some feed on decaying plants and can invade both home and outside plants


One of the best ways to deal with ants that have become pests is to use special approved poisons that workers carry back to the next, killing the colony.  However, there are other important things you can do. Contact Creepy Crawlers Pest Extermination for help killing colonies and giving you advice on dealing with pests!

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