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Eastern Subterranean Termites

Eastern subterranean termites is the most common termite in the USA. These termites destroy m ore wood in dwellings than any other insect. When subterranean termites search for food above ground, they may enter a house through small cracks or joints in the foundation, or by building shelter tubes along the foundation wall. These tubes are highways connecting the underground termite population with above ground food sources. While some people identify the pests by there tubes, damage by these subterranean termites is usually not visible until it is very advanced. A single colony may contain up to one million termites. Most people become aware of the pests when the hive launches its annual winged flight. You may see some of the termites, with wings still attached, near windows or doors. The colors vary some: dark brown to creamy light brown. They are generally about .3-.4 inches long and have 6 legs

Eliminating these pests requires a knowledge professional who can assess whether ground-based poison, traps, or baits will be needed to eliminate the entire colony.

The EPA strongly recommends that you hire a trained and licensed pest management professional to identify and handle termites.

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