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Termites spend most of their lives in soil, mud tubes, or wood they are eating and tunneling. But they do swarm and when they do they are often mistaken for ants. They look different from flying ants. One of the major differences is the relative sizes of wings. Ants have larger front wings and smaller rear wings. Termites' front and back wings are the same size. There are several types of termites in the United States, each have caste members that look very different, and their look can vary with their lifestyle. For some images of termites, see examples on pestworld for kids.

Termites are capable of causing major damage to structures and really should be dealt with before they cause too much. The EPA researches termite treatment options and has licensed Creepy Crawlers Pest Extermination to use the current approved termiticides. There are several:

  • termite baits

  • liquids applied to soil

  • wood treatments

The EPA strongly recommends that you hire a trained and licensed pest management professional to identify and handle termites.

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